Shimane, Japan
My name is Melissa and I am a 22 year old American living in rural Japan. I graduated with a degree in International Studies and Japanese Language and now work as an ALT (assistant language teacher) through the JET Program.
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Monday, October 11, 2010


Things are going great! I have so much to tell and no time to tell it! I have been so insanely busy since I finally got the internet that I really don't have time! But sooo much has happened and I want to tell it soooo I think I am going to back post a little bit this weekend. So soon I promise will be a blast from my recent past up till now! I wanna make this blog work! It will just take me a little time. Now my youtube channel that is another story! I have so much footage! I think I will definitely do a how to on Hiroshima and Miyajima! Wish me luck!



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